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As part of the training program, four courses supplemented by educational materials, intended to be made available to the widest audience, will be created:

Global Environmental Litigation

This course will present the tools needed to develop an effective procedural strategy in the fight against environmental damage, particularly in the perspective of protecting the rights of indigenous peoples. What are the types of international, judicial and extra-judicial remedies available in this regard, and how to choose the appropriate remedies according to the desired objective?

Multilevel Governance of Natural Resources in the Arctic

This course will consider the impact of protecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples on the design, implementation and effectiveness of international economic law and environmental law.

Arctic Indigenous Peoples Law

This course will address the concept of indigenous law in a context of legal pluralism, and will focus on analysing the implementation by indigenous peoples of their participatory rights and land rights. It will also analyse the conflicts between the traditional livelihoods of indigenous peoples and the commercial exploitation of the same resources by national and multinational corporations.

Business and Natural Resources Rights

This course will address issues related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), indigenous peoples’ rights, and multi-level governance of natural resources in the Arctic. It will develop an in-depth knowledge of the organisation and consequences of multilevel governance of natural resources, with particular reference to its impact on the rights of indigenous peoples.