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Scientific Publications

Larsen S.V., Bors E.K., Johannsdottir L., Gladun E., Gritsenko D., Nysten-Haarala S., Tulaeva S. & Sformo, T. (2019) A conceptual framework of Arctic economies for policy-making, research, and practice. Global Policy. DOI:10.1111/1758-5899.12720

S. Nysten-Haarala
, “Studying rights of indigenous peoples in the U.S.”, The free civil society journal Rovaniemen Wanhat Markkinat (Rovaniemi Old Market), online article, 18 Nov. 2019

Tulaeva, Svetlana, Nysten-Haarala, Soili (2019). Resource allocation in oil-dependent communities: oil rent and benefit sharing arrangements. Resources 2019 (1st May) 8, 86; 8, doi:10.3390/resources802008.