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Riga Graduate School of Law

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) was established on 18 March 1998 as a limited liability non-profit company by agreement between the Latvian and Swedish Governments and the Soros Foundation Latvia. Today, RGSL has full legal, academic and financial autonomy.

Whereas in 1999 the School offered only one Masters programme, it currently offers 7 Masters programmes, leading to degrees in International and European Law, Public International Law and Human Rights, EU Law and Policy, Transborder Commercial Law, Law and Finance, or Technology Law.

Since 2010, RGSL also offers two Bachelor programmes: both are interdisciplinary in nature with a primary focus on Law – one is devoted to the study of Law and Diplomacy, the other to Law and Business.
RGSL also implements various specialised programmes, such as the Advanced Programme and the Intensive Programmes in European Law and Economics. These programmes were developed specifically for professionals working in public administration, NGOs and academia coming from the European Neighbourhood Policy Countries, Central Asia and the Western Balkans.

RGSL faculty members are both academics and practitioners drawn from domestic and international institutions (such as the European Court of Human Rights or Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia), major law firms and companies.

Apart from providing legal education, RGSL itself conducts research in areas such as EU law, human rights, reform in judicial sector, etc. Currently, RGSL implements a project “Fundamental Rights at the Frontiers of the European Union” with the support of Erasmus+ Programme. In 2018, it has held two conferences in the framework of the project: “Consumer Protection and Fundamental Rights” in June, and "Competition, Big Data and Fundamental Rights" in December.

RGSL includes approx. 25 permanent staff members, with more than 30 non-permanent associate professors and visiting lecturers. Currently, there are slightly fewer than 400 students at RGSL.

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