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Arctic Indigenous Peoples Law


The Saami people are recognized as the indigenous people of four different countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. This course provides general introduction to the rights concerning the Saami people, particularly in Finland. The course has an interdisciplinary approach combining the methods of international relations and international law therefore it is suitable for students coming from different disciplines. Although the main focus is in the instruments of international law, concerning the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples, an evaluation of the most important national standards are made as well. A short introduction is made to linguistic and cultural rights of the Saami, while mostly emphasizing the land right situation of the people with recent developments in this field. Comparison is made to the other Nordic countries, especially to Sweden and Norway.

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Tanja Joona, Indigenous Peoples' Rights in the Arctic with Comparative Approach Juha Joona, Reindeer Herding Right in Finland and Sweden