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Intensive study programs

Two intensive study programs have been set up during this project with the objective of testing the courses previously created.

These intensive study programs have been a crucial element in achieving the main objective of the project – the construction, testing and evaluation of courses and associated teaching materials. The two programs in Riga (May / June 2019) and Rovaniemi (January 2020) brought together students from the three partner institutions to participate in law courses while receiving training in several important interdisciplinary aspects (anthropology, geography, sociology, history), including meeting with indigenous communities and their expertise (Rovaniemi).

For the teaching staff, the added value came from stimulating exchanges with colleagues from different countries and from different disciplines, as well as from a direct confrontation with students in order to test the content and methodology of the course.

For participating students, the added value resulted from participating in a wonderful interdisciplinary and intercultural / transnational experience, discovering new areas of law (indigenous peeoples' law, investment law, environmental law), training in oral English and participating in international group work. Students were, upon request in due time, eligible to receive 3 ECTS credits as part of the study programs in which they are enrolled in their home institution for their active participation in one of the programs.