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Multilevel Governance of Natural Resources in the Arctic


The course focuses on the interplay of state and non-state actors in governing natural resources, especially oil & gas, minerals and forests. There are different national and even regional solutions on how to share benefits of natural resource use. Some countries regulate local benefit sharing, while others leave it for natural resource extracting corporations to decide. International certificates greatly influence on companies’ behavior. National regulation of land rights and participatory rights of local, especially indigenous people, is compared between Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Alaska.

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The course is supplemented with two seminars

Slide presentation of the course

Soili Nystén-Haarala, Multilevel governance of Natural Resources in Russia, CSR or regulation



Olga Pushina, Hierarchy of legal sources regulating minorities’ rights in Russia

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Ilari Hovila, Anssi Kärki, Environmental liability enforcement in bankrupcy