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University of Lapland

Located in the city of Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle, the University of Lapland is an international, multidisciplinary university whose areas of expertise include Arctic affairs and tourism research.
As a research-based higher education institution, our teaching and research facilities offer students and scholars the opportunity to pursue academic excellence, at all levels – all the way up to PhD studies – in the fields of arctic issues, tourism, art and design, law, education, and the social sciences.

Areas of teaching and research

  • Art and Design, Education, Law,
  • Social Sciences, Tourism Research,
  • Northern and Arctic Issues

University strengths

  • Sustainable development, law and justice
  • Northern wellbeing, education and work
  • Responsible tourism
  • Culture-centred service design

Research agenda for the arctic and the north

  • Knowledge for the scientific community and the public at large
  • Participatory research methods
  • Interaction between science and art

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