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Clinic 3IPEP

A legal clinic dedicated to environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights issues

The 3IPEP Law Clinic is a university project pursuing a double objective:
  • Offering students experiential learning based on participation in real cases implying legal work (research, consultation, contract drafting, negotiation, advocacy, mediation, litigation, law-making, lobbying...) of social interest;
  • Providing legal services to NGOs acting in the interest of indigenous peoples, human rights and/or the protection of the environnement, to indigenous peoples' communities, and even to companies looking for improvement of their behavior vis-à-vis indigenous peoples.

A university project

The ambition of the 3IPEP law clinic is to constitute an educational module of existing or future master programmes in international law, international business law and or human rights.

Assignments and outcomes

The Kahuzi-Biega National Park Project

KBNP photo