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About the 3IPEP project

The 3IPEP project is the result of a consortium between the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France), the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia) and the University of Lapland (Finland), coordinated by the UVSQ.
For 2 years, the 3IPEP project will focus on the development of innovative teaching linking international business law and corporate social responsibility, human rights and indigenous rights, and environmental law. This project will contribute to general awareness of environmental and societal needs in areas sensitive to industrial development, including oil and mining.
In particular, the program will implement:
  • courses linking three areas, namely, indigenous peoples' rights, environmental law and investment law
  • intensive course programmes that will allow students and teachers from the 3 partners to test, evaluate and perfect these innovative curricula, which will be available to the university community at the end of the project
  • a law clinic that will provide information, advice and even legal approaches in the areas of indigenous peoples' rights, the environment and investment.
With a grant of €217,000 from the European Union and more particularly the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme, 3IPEP was officially launched in Riga during a meeting of the main stakeholders in the project on September 28, 2018.